What Photos Should You Add To Your Naughty Dating Profile?

February 16, 2021 1 By localslags

If you’ve joined a naughty dating site but you’re not getting the attention you deserve it may be that your photos aren’t doing you justice. Local Slags allows you to upload multiple photos of yourself which will help attract genuine women who are looking for a hookup. So, what photos should you add to your naughty dating profile?

The temptation for many people is to just upload photos of their genitals. While there are a handful of women who like this, most will want to see who they are actually talking to. Sure, everyone is here because they want some naughty fun but physical attraction is still important and you can’t tell how attracted to someone you are from a photo of their penis.

what photos should you add to your naughty dating profile?

Here are our suggestions for what photos you should add to your Local Slags profile.


As we’ve said, people will want to see your face. Uploading a headshot will dramatically increase the number of messages landing in your inbox as well as the number of people clicking on your profile. Put yourself in a woman’s shoes for a minute and imagine scrolling through the search results page and seeing loads of photos of genitals. If that is broken up with a well-taken head and shoulders photo, you’re way more likely to click on that profile to learn more about them.

Torso Pics

Torso shots are generally considered more attractive than anything overly sexual. You don’t need to have a 6-pack or anything but showing off your body is likely to get you more attention. Remember, not all women like muscular men so adding a photo that truly shows off your physique will ensure that women who are into men with your body type will notice you.

Something Suggestive

Sometimes less is more. Uploading a photo of yourself barely covering your genitals may well attract more women than full-frontal nudity. Even photos in your underwear could be a good option. Think about what women would want to see.

Remember, the ladies you find on Local Slags are real people. Just because they’re on a hookup site, they still have sexual preferences and they are not going to just have sex with everyone they talk to. You need to show yourself off in a way that is attractive to women and put the effort into making them want to meet you.

We hope this helps you understand what photos should you add to your naughty dating profile. For more naughty dating advice read our recent post about what not to say on an adult dating site.

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