Do Shagging Sites Work?

February 18, 2021 0 By localslags

With so many online hookup and shagging sites around it can be hard to know when to start looking. So, what site should you join? There are a number of genuine naughty dating sites available with a proven track record of helping people find discreet hookups. If you are willing to put the effort into these sites, you can certainly find local, genuine women for naughty fun.

Point To Consider

When you join a shagging site, one of the most important things to think about is the number of local women who are looking to hookup. A site can have the best features, the best mobile app and the best security system but if there is no one to talk to, what’s the point? Local Slags has loads of women looking for sex and new people are joining every day!

Security is extremely important when it comes to online dating sites. This includes 2 things. Firstly, how secure is the site and how safe is your personal data. You can see from the padlock icon next to the website address bar on Local Slags that the site is completely safe and secure.

The second point regarding security is what processes the site has in place to remove accounts that are not genuine. At Local Slags we have dedicated moderation and customer care teams to remove any profiles that are not genuine so you can join us in confidence, knowing the women you come across on the site are real. If you do ever have any suspicions, use the “report member” button to bring them to our attention. Our customer care team check every member report they receive and will always take the necessary action.

Do Shagging Sites Work?

How To Get The Most Out Of Shagging Sites

We are often asked if shagging sites actually work. The truth is this… if you are serious about meeting genuine women for sex, and you are willing to put the work in, yes, they do work. Here are some top tips for making the most of your time on a naughty dating site…

Your Photos

Upload well-taken photos. Try to avoid having too many photos of your genitals. Head and shoulders shots always get more attention from females than naked photos. Torso shots are fine too but it’s important to remember that these are genuine women who are looking for a hookup and a degree of physical attraction is important. They want to see who they are talking to.

Your Profile

Use your “About Me” section to let others know who you are and what you’re looking for. Be honest and to-the-point. If you want a friend with benefits, make that clear. This means if someone comes across your profile who is looking for a shorter-term arrangement you can both save each others time and simply move onto the next person rather than trying to arrange a meet with someone who wants something different.

Your Messages

They say you never get a second chance at a first impression and this is completely true when it comes to online dating. There are a few things to avoid when writing a message on Local Slags. Firstly, a message that just says “hey” is unlikely to get a response. These are real women and just because they’re on a naughty dating site it doesn’t mean they will just have sex with anyone. The second thing to avoid is overly sexual first messages. Ease in slowly and start a conversation, then let it turn naughty if is feels right…

The bottom line is this… the more effort you put into a shagging site, the more you will get out of it.

Real Women

We’ve already covered this but it’s worth stressing again. So many adult dating sites are full of fake profiles. Sometimes these are scam account set up to try and gain possession of your personal details. Some are set up by the site operators in order to artificially improve the experience on the site. These sites usually have small print saying that meetings with these people will not be possible because they are not real profiles. Either way, you are not going to be able to find a woman who wants to meet on sites like that. Real shagging sites like Local Slags only allow genuine members and we invest a huge amount of time and money into ensuring that you have the best possible experience on the site.

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